What's up my G, You think say you sabi smoke abi? How is your shisha game with your flavors.  STAR BUZZ IS BACK, (Champaigne of Shisha Flavors)

Starbuzz hookah tobacco has one of the widest selections of the best shisha flavors out of all the hookah tobacco brands. 

Did i tell you, smoking your shisha with any star buzz makes massive clouds? And the taste or feel of the flavor is so Real.

Try any star buzz hookah flavor and stay hooked!

There are variety of star buzz hookah flavor to try from mild to strong depending on the buzz you'd like to get,

Watermelon, Blue mist, Blue berry, Melon Blue chocholate strawberry, Double Apple, Stawberry, Tangerine Dream, Prirates cave, Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach,Mint Colossus.

If you haven't tried any of these flavor, Be there right now, And if you have, now is the time to explore the variety of flavors.


Be there right NOW!!!


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