The SMOK MAG P3 waterproof, shockproof and dustproof is one vape you would love to opt for to better your vaping experience, it has fuller hits and makes thicker clouds as it goes from 1watt to 230watts. Its screen features its also amazing, here are some things you shouldn't do if you want to have a lasting vape experience with your SMOK MAG P3



Do not vape below or over the recommended wattage on your coil: The Mag p3 comes with a TFV16  conical mesh tank  with 0.12 ohms pre- installed coil and an extra dual mesh coil of 0.12 ohms which hits perfectly on 80w - 120w.  The mag p3 is up to 230 watt so the best heat level would be 80w - 100w. Vaping lower or higher recommended wattage has an effect on your coil.


Change your coil weekly:  If you are a heavy vaper  and you vape on the recommended wattage on your coil, it's best to change your coil every week to enjoy smooth hits and a consistent flavor feel.


Do not fill your 9ml tank to the brim:  leave some breathing room, that way the mesh cotton wicks faster and better giving you smooth and consistent hits 


Direct to lungs hit: the TFV 16 coil is meant for strong hits so it's only best to vape DIRECT TO LUNG you need to keep the airflow wide open and not Mouth to lungs.  


Lock Fire key: good thing that the smok mag p3 has a fire key lock so if you have your vape in your bag or pocket you can be sure your vape isn't going to fire itself by accident.  Just don't forget to either lock your screen and fire key. Its 3 smooth clicks to lock firekey guys


Clean the gold plate pin on the mod and at the bottom of the atomizer if you notice any leaks. It's waterproof so you have no worries about the Mod.


There's really not much work to this just handle right and you are sue going to have a dope vape experience with your SMOK MAG P3

Always leave your airflow vent open  vaping on higher wattage you will need a lot of airflow

FOR LEAKS ( SAFETY TIPS) One thing to know  once you notice licks, you definitely need to vape more, vape coils requires a certain level of heat, and if you ain't ready to vape, unscrew the atomizer away from the mod. Also you can check that the gold plate inside the coil is dry and oil freecheck your coil is tightly screwed in,  and also clean the gold plate below the coil inside the atomizer.

Check that the rubber is not broken 

Make sure you do not twist the glass while screwing atomizer into the MOD.

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